Day 76 || March 18, 2011

8:15am: Wake up. Get ready.
9:30am: Catch the el. Take the orange line to Midway.
10:15am: Check baggage, get through security, etc.
10:30am: Wait.
12:00pm: Board plane. (worst plane ride of my life) Try to avoid puking.
(time change, lose an hour)
3:00pm: Land. Claim baggage. Sit in car from Hartford, CT to Athol, MA.
5:00pm: HOME! Take nap!
6:30pm: Sun goes down. Aaand Friday’s basically over.


I posted that on my personal blog around 6:30 that night. I ended up having a better night than expected, though. I met my best friend, Megan, at my town’s Open Mic Night and a handful of my other friends were there too. (I accidentally caused a scene! My friend, Matt, stood between Megan and I so he could hug me first. I started kicking and screaming “LET GO!” so all the old people thought he was a sexual predator. =( Boo! Then he yelled, “I WIN!” while Megan pouted in the corner, so that didn’t help matters.)

Anyway, we had a Dunkin’ Donuts adventure. So it was nice times. =]