Day 83 || March 25, 2011

My amazing friend, Jake, organized a get together with our friends since I was back home and all. We went to Friendly’s!

The waitress we got was SO SWEET. We were being really obnoxious, but she seemed to enjoy us and she gave Noah an appetizer-sized plate of waffle fries and only charged him for a side and she gave Ethan free ice cream because he wasn’t done with his when she took it from him. So Megan, Jake, and I wrote her a note about how nice and cute she was. Aand David and Ethan wrote their numbers on the receipt. -_- (As Matt said, they might as well have just written WHORE on it, since they left TWO numbers.)

Megan, Jake, and I all ended up getting messages on Facebook from her:


So while it is totally not my intention to be a hugeee creeper, I just wanted to say thank you for the note you left on your table last night. You all were so sweet, and I had fun waiting on you guys. It’s always nice to have a table who treats you like a human being, and not a slave.

Thanks again so much.


Oh and also we went back to my house to play Salad Bowl. I told Jake he could use the bowls (aka butter containers) as his bewbs for drag shows and stuff. He said he didn’t think they looked right, but I assured him women come in all different shapes and sizes.

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